Ohio Legislature Overhauls Child Support Process

Today, the Ohio House of Representatives formally concurred in Senate amendments to House Bill 366, a massive overhaul of Ohio's child support statutes which will substantially increase the guidelines child support calculation in most child support orders.  However, the bill does provide a six month window before the new child support calculation process will go into effect during.

Assuming that H.B. 366 is signed by the Governor within the next couple of weeks, this overhaul of Ohio child support guidelines and the changes in tax treatment of various divorce provisions under the 2018 Tax Reform Act will both take effect at the end of 2018.  Anyone wishing to have their child support or divorce cases filed and resolved prior to these changes need to act quickly.

At Kokensparger + Ryan, we've studied both the child support guidelines and divorce tax changes thoroughly.  We even have a new child support calculator developed utilizing the new formulas and table provided for in the enrolled version of H.B. 366 so we can help our clients determine how these changes will most likely affect their  child support orders.  If you, or someone you know, have been contemplating a divorce or a child custody or child support filing, please contact us so we can schedule a free initial consultation.