LGBT Families Important Resource for Agency and Private Adoptions

LGBT families have long been a sought after source of placement for children in need of a home by public and private adoptive agencies in Ohio and most every other state in the country. Over a quarter of a million children in the United States live with same-sex couples and of these children a quarter are adopted.

At Kokensparger & Ryan, we recognize this as one of the most ironic facts in the ongoing effort by some groups to prevent same-sex marriage. LGBT families have been HEROES in the effort to save children from a childhood of fostercare or even a childhood of abuse or neglect due to lack of available resources in an overcrowded fostercare system.

LGBT adoptions can be extremely delicate. Although much progress has been made in recent years, some states in the U.S. still have limitations on LGBT adoptions and some public and private adoption agencies exercise "unwritten" discrimination between various demographics (i.e. some do not recognize LGBT as an option while others may have an "unwritten" policy of promoting adoption by lesbian couples but not by gay couples). Similarly, Ohio law still only allows for adoption by one party to an LGBT relationship which can lead to future custody or companionship disputes unless the process is thoroughly planned for during the adoption process. Finally, a great deal of discretion is placed with probate court officials in granting or denying adoption petitions and criteria can differ between judges and magistrates in various counties.

The intricacies in LGBT adoption are well recognized by Corinne Ryan who has years of experience in representing adoptive parents in both public and private adoptions here in Ohio. Not only has she helped to efficiently, and smoothly, sheppard many adoptions to completion, but she has also been a sought after speaker by organizations such as Nationwide Children's Hospital on topics such as the negotiation of subsidies for prospective adoptive parents. In short, she is, and has been, an active and vocal force for defending the rights of prospective adoptive parents and ensuring that they are treated with respect, equality, and gratitude that they deserve before, during, and after the adoption is completed.

If you are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender, Corinne would not only welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your rights and options in adopting here in Ohio, but she would be honored to do so.