KRLG Weekend Post - 07/24/2018 - 09:34

Introducing "The Weekend Post"


Recently I wrote an article about new legislation that was just passed which will drastically change the way child support is calculated in Ohio. I wrote it in the same manner I write an analysis of various legal issues for continuing legal education seminars I do for other attorneys, but I posted it to our general website and shared it on Facebook.


The response was incredible. I received great questions and intuitive comments from both those who support, and those who oppose, increases in child support. The result was an intelligent, thought provoking, discussion.


This got me thinking ... why are there so few meaningful, in-depth, legal articles written for the general public? Attorneys are bombarded with opportunities to discuss these issues online and through in-person seminars, and people who these issues effect should have the ability to voice their opinions as well.


So, today I am starting this blog to provide just such an opportunity. An opportunity for people to voice their opinions on issues effecting all of our practice areas.


In upcoming posts, we will be covering issues and developments which I and Corinne encounter in our family law practices. This includes not only developments in divorce, dissolution, legal separation, and annulment, but also issues in child custody, child support, and spousal support determinations. It also includes adult and juvenile guardianships filed through probate court.


We will also be covering issues and developments in Corinne Ryan's adoption and adoption subsidy practice. This includes grandparent adoptions, step-parent adoptions, legal separation adoptions, and privately arranged adoptions. It also includes representation of parties in adoptions arranged through public agencies in pre-adoption juvenile court proceedings, adoption subsidy planning, and even post-adoption issues and legal needs.


Finally, we'll be covering issues and developments effecting my estate planning practice. This includes issues and developments I encounter not only in general asset protection planning, but in the more specific needs of special needs clients and beneficiaries, elder law planning, medicaid planning and representation, planning for blended families, planning involving minor child beneficiaries, and so on.


In our next blog post I will be talking about our often overlooked, but oh-so-very-important, area of Medicaid Planning and Medicaid Representation services. Specifically, we'll take a look at the four stages in Medicaid planning and why 90% of people seeking Medicaid planning services are already arriving too late to the game.



We welcome general comments and questions in response to our blog posts. You should never post about your specific case in comments to any public article or blog post nor publicly on your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or other social media accounts. Corinne and I love to talk to people about new legal issues and new cases ... as long as we're discussing them discretely in a manner which doesn't give the other parties in your case more ammo to use in court!

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